​Some messages are simply to glorify God and the wonder of His creation. There are a few which speculate on the conditions in heaven and what it must be like there. I have written about many life events and life problems. The themes are as varied as each hour of the day. Stress, losing a child or other loved one, friendships and family are just some of the subjects. Also addressed is the influence of Satan and how much he would like to separate us from the Lord. We must always be on guard against his influences and deceptions.​

​The main purpose of any of these messages (which just happen to rhyme) is to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each one provides a connection to the Word of God in scripture references.

I was raised on a tobacco farm and have enjoyed living the country life for most all of my years. My paternal grandma was a great influence in my life as was my mom and dad. I share my life with my husband and our cats and dogs. Of course he says they are mine but he is the one who spoils them.

I came to really understand the meaning of salvation through some simple words from a co-worker one day during a conversation about being saved. Those words changed my life and later when I realized the implication, I searched him out and thanked him. He, being the Christian he was, said it was God calling me and not the words he had said. After that, the teachings and sermons I listened to made me want to learn more and more. The Bible made sense when I read it and I knew I needed to change my life to make it more pleasing to God. I continue to grow every day and I know if the Lord can use me, he can use anyone. Just ask Him.
When I first began writing these verses of inspiration, they were a means to affirm my faith and a method of communicating with God. The messages have changed a little as time has passed and my faith has grown deeper.  As the apostle Paul indicated in some of his writings speaking about the difference in feeding an infant and an adult. In the beginning I would share them with my closest friends and family, all of whom urged me to put the messages in a book.

​So I did. If any message can speak to whoever is reading it and it brings them closer to the Lord then that is a good thing. The messages are short, usually only a page or two and in a large print for ease in reading. They all have a scripture reference to the ultimate resource; the Holy Bible. The messages cover a wide array of subjects. The kind of things we encounter in everyday life, the kind of things we dream about, and the kind of things we may wonder about are all included. Some messages are meant to bring comfort for someone who needs a spiritual hug. Others are meant to convict us for our human failings such as anger and gossip as we interact with people in our lives.


Spirit Filled Poetry

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